Easy-to-use ad-hoc reports

Virant has an intuitive and seamless report generation tools that allows users to enter keywords, an entire article or simply a URL to a piece of content and then select which analysis to run on that content.  

Virant then identifies popular content from around the web and immediately generates up to date analysis of that content for you to use in building your content strategy.

Top domains

Are you interested in knowing which sites are getting their content shared the most around a particular topic?  

Virant will identify the top domains with content shared around a particular topic you specify.

What are people saying?

How are people talking your topic and what are they saying?  

Virant allows you to generate word clouds consisting of the words people use the most when they share content around your topic.  This allows you to see what ideas and terms are resonating with consumers around your topics.

When to share content

When is the optimal time of day or day of week to share the content I create so I can reach the largest audience?  

Virant looks across all of the popular content related to your topic and identifies when the most successful content has been shared so you know when to reach your audience.

Take the guesswork out of planning your content promotion calendar and identify the optimal times to seed your content.

Popular history

Should I be writing content around the topics I’ve selected?  Are those topics trending or are they on the downswing?  

Virant allows you to examine the history of content sharing around your topics so you can select what to write about and what to avoid.

All too often we focus on who created the most popular content, but even more important are those influencers who actually share out the most popular content.

Virant identifies the top influencers who are sharing popular content around your topic.